Boys On Mission – February 2017

Boys On Mission – February 2017

Hi Everybody!  This is Silas and I wanted to show you this awesome video of us at Blarney Castle.  This is me kissing the Blarney Stone!  It’s at the very top of the castle, attached to the wall.  People say that kissing it gives you the gift of gab, whatever that is.  Mom says it means that I can talk my way out of anything, which she says is true.

It was hard to kiss the stone because it’s actually at the bottom of the wall and there was a big gap between that part of the wall and the floor.  I had to lay on my back and hold two bars and bend backwards!  My mom’s friend, Ms. Michelle held my feet so I wouldn’t fall.  There’s also a guy that’s there to hold people so they don’t fall.  The bars you see in the space have not always been there, so some people might have fallen trying to kiss the stone!  Dun, dun, DUN!!!  Okay, here’s the video:

Mom wants me to tell you a little more about the castle.  It was built in the year 1446 and it’s actually owned by a single person who lives in a mansion on the property!  Can you imagine living beside a castle or even owning one?  When you visit the castle today, you can see some cool things.  There is a murder hole where the defenders would dump tar on invaders trying to come in.  There is also a poison garden, where all the plants are poisonous.  If you touch anything, you’ll probably die right then and there!  But you can still look at the plants.

These are pictures my mom took from the top of the castle.  This is part of the wall.

When we visited a couple weeks ago, we walked around outside in the gardens.  This is our selfie with Blarney Castle in the background.  I think I was talking when Ethan pressed the button.  LOL (Dad taught me what that meant last night!)

Visiting Blarney Castle was totally awesome!  You guys can come visit it too, and when you do, you can come see us!

Not Too Big

Not Too Big

It’s been just over a week since these ladies came to visit us!  We’d been talking about the possibility of them coming even before our family moved here in October.  There was a conference they’d be helping with in the UK.  I jokingly (but kind of  seriously :) insisted on them stopping through Ireland on the way back, since they’d be only an hour away.  I’m so thankful they made it happen!

I have to admit, I surprised myself, tearing up when they walked though our front door.  The last few months have been amazing and full and good.  There’s been (and continues to be) a lot of transition, and we are settling in to the new normal.  But somehow, their familiar faces, standing with luggage in hand, in our entry way – it got me.  They’d brought a little bit of home to us and I was both thankful and overwhelmed.  I suddenly realized how far away from the familiar we really are.

We went to the ocean while they were here.  We actually hadn’t been to the beach since we’ve moved here.  Sometimes I forget we live on an island now!  The weather in Ireland can be unpredictable.  Actually, the forecast was quite grim for the two days they were supposed to be visiting.  I remember just praying for favor beforehand, that the Lord would hold off the crazy winds and pouring rain!  And the Lord answered!

When we got to the ocean though, it was pretty windy (as you can see in our picture above!)  The sky was thick and gray, the waves full of commotion and noise.  It was incredible, the water seemed to go on and on forever.

We’d just walked down to the shoreline and it started to drizzle.  I thought is was the ocean misting up at us at first.  Within minutes, it was raining, then all but pouring!  There we were, three grown women, running from waves and trying to collect a few rocks, souvenirs from this side of the Atlantic!

We probably only stayed about ten or fifteen minutes.  By the end of it we were all drenched, laughing and yelling to be heard over the water!

I’m so thankful for these women, for two days packed with laughter and late night tea and easy, full conversations.  I’m thankful for memories made in full winter gear at the beach, with the ocean threatening to wash us away.  And I’m thankful especially for friends that make you feel like home is not so far away and the world is not too big.

Until next time…


Boys On Mission – January 2017

Boys On Mission – January 2017

Dear Readers,

Welcome to our first Boys On Mission update!  We made a video for you at Charles Fort, a historical site we first visited in 2015.  We got to go there again last week.  We’re doing good, and having a great time in Ireland!  We hope you are also doing well!

Silas & Ethan

Boys On Mission

Here are a few more pictures our Mom took of the fort.  I (Silas) will explain them to you.  Do you see the giant hexagons?  These were actually used to store water at the fort!

These are some of the buildings.  We saw a kitchen, the armory, the barracks, and lots more!  The fort is by the ocean on a hill near the town of Kinsale.

And this is a family selfie we took there.  It was very sunny out.  We tried to look good, but we failed.  Dad looks evil, I couldn’t keep my eyes open, Ethan looks like he got stabbed in the chest, and Mom looks a little confused.

Thanks for reading our post!  See you on the next Boys On Mission update!

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